Key People in the School of Chemistry

School President 2019–2020


Charlotte Crowe

Email: chemistrypresident

My name is Charlotte and I am the School President of Chemistry for 2019/2020. I joined the School of Chemistry as a First Year student in 2015 and am now entering my Fifth and final year.

My role is to represent all students within the School of Chemistry. I work with staff, students and Class Representatives to enhance our learning experience, increase awareness of career/internship opportunities and strengthen the community within our School.

Your first step in joining the School of Chemistry is completing the Advising process, detailed on this website. On top of this, there are a number of ways you can get involved:

Class Reps: At the beginning of the semester, each class will elect Class Representatives. These students work with the School President and Staff to enhance learning and teaching within the department. Being a Class Rep is a valuable opportunity for building transferable skills and making a difference. If you are interested in learning more, please contact me and visit the following website:

Chemistry Mentoring scheme: The School of Chemistry Mentoring Scheme pairs incoming first year students with current second, third and fourth year students. New students can ask questions about what life as a Chemistry student at the University of St Andrews is like, and are provided with a friendly face to introduce them to the School of Chemistry. There will be a mixer Wednesday 11th April at 6.30 pm in Purdie Common Room, please make sure you sign up to the scheme!

ChemSoc: The Chemical Society hosts social events throughout the year, including guest lectures, pub quizzes, Chemistry Christmas party and the annual Chemistry Ball. These events are a fantastic way of meeting chemistry students in your class and in other years. Visit their Facebook page here:

I look forward to meeting you! If you have any thoughts, suggestions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me by email ( or in person.


Under certain circumstances, especially if you have an academic issue that your Adviser of Studies cannot resolve, it might be necessary for you to contact either the School Welfare Officer, Director of Teaching or the Head of School. Their contact details are given below.

School Welfare Officer

Dr Brian Chalmers
Office: Purdie 119Email: bac8


Director of Teaching


Professor Philip Lightfoot

Office: Purdie 344

Email: chem-dot

Head of School


Professor Russell Morris FRS

Office: Purdie 211

Email: chem-hos