The Advising Process

You cannot take a module without the approval (“validation”) of your Adviser of Studies at a meeting in person during Advising in September. If you are returning from Leave of Absence in January, you must also see your Adviser of Studies in person. Every first and second year (sub-honours) student has a personal, named Adviser of Studies. Sub-honours Advisers also advise General degree students into sub-honours modules, The term “Advising” refers to the process whereby you, the student, advises the University of your module choices.

During Orientation Week you will meet with your Adviser of Studies to discuss your module choices. Advisers can also offer you advice on degree programmes and pathways to Honours. Although the role of your Adviser of Studies is, primarily, to provide advice on your academic studies, they will also be able to direct you to the appropriate staff to help you deal with non-academic matters.

In order to get the most from your meeting with your Adviser, it is important that you have thought about your module choices and done some initial research and  before your attend Advising appointment during Orientation Week. You can find details of degree programmes and modules, including compulsory modules, by searching or browsing the online Course Catalogue. You should be aware that some modules, such as first year courses in Film Studies and Economics, are very popular and enrolment may be restricted. As a Faculty of Science student it is not possible to take International Relations modules. You should also remember that your chosen modules must fit within the timetable created by the compulsory modules for your chosen Degree Programme. As a full-time students, you are expected to study modules with a total load of 120 credits per year.

Once you have chosen the modules you wish to take, these should be entered into the online Advising Portal prior to your meeting with your Adviser. This process is know as “pre-Advising”. Please be sure that you have considered your options carefully before entering your choices.

Sub-Honours Advising in Chemistry

As a Chemistry student in the sub-Honours classes, you will be assigned to one of three Advisers of Studies. This assignment is done on the basis of your surname and you will, under normal circumstances, keep the same Adviser during your entire sub-Honours period.


Dr Gordon Florence

Office: B102

Email: gjf1


Professor Sharon Ashbrook

Office: Purdie 241

Email: sema

Dr Andreas Stasch

Office: Purdie 242

Email: as411

 You can check which Adviser you are assigned to on your Advising web portal.

Important Points to remember:

  • You must see your Adviser in person in order to matriculate. We cannot validate your module choices at the start of an Academic Year by email.
  • If your matriculation is not fully complete by Monday of Semester Week 1 you will receive warnings under the Failure to Register policy.
  • Please make sure that you have entered at least the compulsory Chemistry modules required by your Degree Programme during pre-Advising.
  • You are not allowed to change your Degree programme during your first year of study.
  • All issues relating to fees, passport and visa or identity checks, registering with the Health Centre, and ID (matriculation) cards are dealt with at Matriculation and not at Advising, which focuses on academic matters.