Returning Students

  1. Admission to Honours Policy

The University updated the Policy for Admission to Honours Programmes for Academic Year in 2018-2019, and remains in place for the coming academic year.

There is a detailed description of the Policy in the Level 2 Handbook and the details of how Chemistry will implement this Policy to Honours Admission are contained in this Handbook, which you will receive at enrolment.

You should read this Policy carefully and make sure that you understand it.

The flowchart below provides an illustrative summary of the decision-making process.


*This flowchart is indicative and honours entry is subject to meeting all other relevant programme requirements.


  1. Late Penalties

The University implemented its policy on penalties for late submission of work in the 2015-2016 Academic Year. This policy will remain in effect for Academic Year 2018-2019.

In the School of Chemistry, the penalty to be applied for late submission of coursework is:

“5% of the maximum available mark per day, or part thereof”

Late submission penalties in the School of Chemistry will be applied to:

  • Laboratory reports (sub-honours and honours level)
  • Class test (CH1301)
  • Essays (CH4461, CH5461)
  • Miniproject reports (CH3441)
  • Project reports (CH4442-CH4449, CH5441)
  • Scientific Writing Course (CH4431)
  • Distance Learning assessments (CH4453/4/5/6)

The table below illustrates how this policy applies to a lab report that would have been awarded a mark of 80%, out of a maximum possible of 100%, if handed in on time.

Time after Deadline Penalty applied: Actual mark awarded
1 minute 5% 75%
1 hour 5% 75%
1 day 5% 75%
25 hours 10% 70%
3 days 15% 65%
10 days 50% 30%
16 days 80% 0%

Particulars of submission deadlines (date and time) for assessed work and a reminder of the penalty for late submission will be given with the relevant module and laboratory information.

Further information on the University’s Policy on Coursework penalties can be found at:


  1. Attendance Monitoring in Laboratory Classes

You must bring your matriculation (ID) card with you to laboratory classes.

You will have to tap your card on one of the card reading stations to log you into the lab at the start of the session and tap your card on one of the card reading stations again when you leave at the end of the lab session. Card readers are situated in the laboratory

If you forget your ID card, you must report to your laboratory demonstrator or member of staff who will record your arrival AND departure times.

If you fail to bring your ID card with you more than once, you may be asked to leave the laboratory and a grade of zero may be given for that practical session.