Key People in the School of Chemistry

School President 2017–2018

  Jacob Pepper
Email: chemistrypresident

The School President, working with your elected Class Representatives, represents all students within the School of Chemistry, acting as a communications bridge between the student and staff bodies. The School President chairs the Student Staff Consultative Committee (SSCC) where staff and the Class Reps meet to discuss current opinions, feedback and suggestions on how to improve the department, ensuring your experience within the School is the best it can be. More information on academic representation within the university and student union can be found here.



Under certain circumstances, especially if you have an academic issue that your Adviser of Studies cannot resolve, it might be necessary for you to contact either the Director of Teaching or the Head of School. Their contact details are given below.

Director of Teaching


Professor Philip Lightfoot

Office: Purdie 344

Email: chem-dot

Head of School


Professor David O’Hagan

Office: Purdie 211

Email: chem-hos